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[teaser] Visitors of the Park can enjoy the beauty and stillness of an authentic natural landscape. [/teaser]

Three clearly mapped out footpaths pass by some of the most magnificent spots of the peninsula, unique geological rock formations, a multitude of wildflowers and herb bushes, natural resting places but also historic monuments which testify to the historical importance of the area. Depending on which footpath you take you will pass by a prehistoric settlement, the Pro-Byzantine Monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis, the spot where the headquarters of the Russian fleet were located during the so called “Orlofika” when the Greeks sided with the Russians in their war with Turkey, and the lighthouse of Cape Corakas, one of the 120 stone lighthouses in Greece.

The footpaths are easy and are suitable for people of all ages and level of physical activity. The ideal seasons to explore the walks of the Paros Park are spring and autumn but the Park is always at its best, all year round. The best hours of the day for the summer months are from early morning until about 1pm and then again from 5pm till sunset, which is truly majestic when seen from the lighthouse of Cape Corakas. You should adjust the times accordingly for spring, autumn and winter.

Read more about Paros Park’s walking routes and see all the routes on a Google Map

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