The Botanical Garden at Paros Park

“Guarding the Garden”, a video produced by the School of Informatics and Computing – Study Abroad in Paros, 2019

Η υπέροχη χερσόνησος του Αϊ-Γιάννη Δέτη κινδυνεύει;

Η Ελισάβετ Παπαζώη μιλάει (στο Athens Voice) για το όραμα του «Περιβαλλοντικού και Πολιτιστικού Πάρκου Πάρου» και τον κίνδυνο «Μυκονοποίησής» του.

Athens Voice
Festival at the Park 2017

Festival at the Park

The open air Theatre Archilochos, with its impeccable acoustics and the ancient Greek theatre aura, offers a magical view to the gulf of Naoussa, mesmerizing any visitor. The theatre was named after the great ancient poet of Paros Island Archilochos.

Cine Enastron Paros Park

Ciné Enastron

Cine Enastron is an open air movie theatre venue, for film watching under the stars. It is a screening and lecture venue for residents and visitors who search for that special magic that only a good movie can create under the stars and by the sea. The screenings begin at 21:00 and admission is free.