tree planting

Trees and shrubs planting on Saturday 16 December

On Saturday, December 16th at 9:00 am at Paros Park, the Association of Friends and Volunteers of the Park will plant in the peninsula of Aï Yiannis Detis about 1.000 plants offered by Imerys Industrial Minerals from its nursery in Milos.
Cedar shrubs, Alfalfa, Ivy, Savory (Satureja thymbra), Alimia (Atriplex tatarica), Asfaka (Phlomis fruticose), Crithmum and Frissa will be planted.
Volunteers should bring their own gardening tool (Hoe), and a large bottle of water for watering.
Everyone is welcome!

From last year’s tree planting

Peter Nikolaides

The artful diver Peter Nicolaides, passed away on October 2

The artful diver, Peter Nicolaides, passed away on October 2 sadly Paros and the  Aegean Seas have lost a great champion and protector. A man of extraordinary breadth and achievement, marine biologist, pharmacologist, marine archaeologist,marine engineer, educator and founder of the Aegean Dive College . He had a storied career diving as a young man with Jacques Costeau and continuing to work with Jacques s. son Jean Yves to help create a system of marine parks, Guardians of the Sea, the first  in Santorini and including Naxos and Paros that would be a refuge for fish stocks to have opportunity to replenish the seas rebuilding delicate ecosystems . He was integral in creating  community between fisherman,, environmentalists, municipalities and government and international agencies. A multifaceted polymath who exemplified the dictum act locally think globally, he was able to expand peoples understanding of ecosystems in the Aegean marine system. One of his extensive achievements,  there are too many to list here, was the documentation from the air of  an extensive road system submerged under the sea and still visible  that had acted as the infrastructure to transport marble, which had been an  essential component of the Paros economy in the ancient world. His deep love of the sea and the intersection of its cultural and living wealth were the treasure he mined  and revealed in all its extraordinary glory. He leaves the world a better place for having come and will be sorely missed.

Kalo taxidi palikari.

And Death Shall have no dominion (by Dylan Thomas)
Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again
Though lovers be lost love shall not.

Klio Kalemkeri

Tree Planting in the peninsula

As the Paros Park Board, we express our total satisfaction for the great response to the successful initiative of the “Association of the Friends of the Park” for seeds, shrubs and trees planting in the area of the Park, which took place on Sunday 29 January 2017. The participation to this initiative of many supporters of the Park, in a wonderful human spirit, is something extremely hopeful in these strange times were living. It also demonstrated the dynamic of the idea of ​​the Park within the Parian community.

We wish to congratulate the Association’s leadership for the initiative and the successful mobilization of the Parian society and thank from our heart the groups that supported this initiative (“Efzoïa Weness Activities“, “Paros Walkers”, “Paros Photo Group”, “Dance Group of Naoussa”), and all those who with their good mood contributed to this small celebration of nature. Special thanks go to Elena Simeonidou for her coordinating role in this event.

The goal of this initiative is to enrich the Park’s ecosystem with plants that would have been there were it not for the various human interventions during the area’s long and tumultuous history, mainly logging, agriculture, fire and construction of settlements. So we planted seeds and plants from indigenous plants as well as plants well-adapted to our semi-arid climate, among others, oregano, thyme, summer savory, helichrysum, spartium, scotch thistle, wild garlic, mallow, vitex, medic, giant fennel, melia, juniper, carob, oak. The plants were donated by the Forestry Nursery of the Paros Municipality and the seeds came from harvesting on the island during the whole year.

Paros Park supports the Primary School of Naoussa

The Board of Paros Park decided at its meeting of January 30, 2017 to provide the financing needed for upgrading the equipment of the Multipurpose Hall of the Primary School of Naoussa, up to the amount of €13.000, which corresponds to the budget of the project.

The allocation of this amount is in support of the events of the “Theatre Festival of the Aegean”, to be hosted this year in Paros, as some of the festival performances will take place at the Naoussa’s Primary School. This equipment will enable an increased usage of the Elementary School’s multipurpose hall for all sorts of future events, knowing the lack of comparable adequate spaces in Naoussa and in Paros in general.