Cyclades Circle

Four neighboring Festivals, in Naxos, Paros, Tinos and Santorini, which have been organizing successful events in recent years, have joined forces in order to enhance the place of the Cyclades in the contemporary cultural map.

Under the name “Cyclades Circle” the Naxos Festival at Bazeos Tower, the Festival at the Park on Paros, the Tinos Festival at Koumaros Theatre and the Santorini Arts Factory present in common various music, theatre & screening shows in venues of outstanding beauty. This major cultural co-operation is open to the participation of new partner island festivals.

The venues of the Cyclades Circle stand out for their unique ambiance and cultural/historic significance that inspire artists and audience, and offer unforgettable experiences.

The Venues:

Archilochos amphitheatre at Paros Park

Archilochos Theatre at Paros Park

An amphitheatre built inside the rocks, offering excellent acoustics, the aura of an ancient Greek theatre and the most amazing view to the bay of Naoussa and the moon-rise, makes the ideal venue for a total cultural experience, by the Aegean Sea. It is set in the protected area of Ai Yiannis Detis, a place of great historical importance for Paros.

Archilochos Theatre at Paros Park: +30 6985073417 –

Bazeos Tower, Naxos

A restored monument of the 17th cent., an old monastery dedicated to the Holly Cross, that lies at Agiassos plain in the hinterland of Naxos Island. Since 2001, it’s an important venue for the cultural scene of Naxos hosting various indoor exhibitions as well as concerts & theatrical plays at its courtyard.

Bazeos Tower, Naxos: +30 22850 31402 –

Koumaros Theatre on Tinos

An open-air stone made amphitheatre, harmoniously integrated in the surrounding nature. Built at the foothills of Ksobourgo Mountain, surrounded by aged oak trees and protected from the Aegean winds, the theatre is placed in a historic and fertile piece of land which used to be the summer resort of “L’école des Ursulines.”

Theatre in Kounados, Tinos: +30 6932213802

Santorini Arts Factory

Santorini Arts Factory is a nonprofit organization based on Santorini Island, Greece, that aims to promote the Greek cultural heritage and to contribute to intellect and culturally shape children’s and young adult’s education. It was founded in 2014 and it is housed in a unique old factory that now stands as the Tomato Industrial Museum “D. Nomikos”. The mission statement of this innovative endeavor is that SAF becomes one of the main cores of cultural activity on Santorini as well as a crossroad of civilizations, which will provide direct, firm and constant access to qualitative artistic events.
The participation and activation of internationally acknowledged personalities in every field, the continuous and massive encouragement of the inhabitants and the visitors as well as the support of local and governmental authorities and institutions, constitute guarantees that this initiative will attain its social, cultural, educational and philanthropic objectives. In this context, SAF is expected to host acclaimed artists from all over the world in its annual program and continue to successfully organize art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, dance workshops and art events. SAF is exclusively devoted to house color, sound and movement; art and culture for all ages.

Santorini Arts Factory: +30 2286085141, 2106858820 –