The concert of Mrs Alexandra Gravas scheduled for the evening of August 6 is cancelled due to unforeseeable impediment. Those who have pre-purchased tickets can redeem them in the next few days, either at the point of sale that they bought them or of course at Paros Park. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Alexandra Gravas in concert: With love’s senses …

Greek mezzo soprano Alexandra Gravas will sing songs from all over the world.

It is an erotic, lyrical and melodious trip with songs from Greece, Mexico, China, Lebanon, France, etc. These are countries where Alexandra Gravas has performed concerts and from which she has included bits of their national musical culture in her own repertoire, which she presents to her audience with her own unique interpretation.

Alexandra Gravas’ journey into a global repertoire, managing to cross the borders between different genres and musical styles and connect them in her magical performances.
The concert is accompanied by 4 distinguished musicians:
Violin: Dimitris Kozis
Cello: Yiannis Giovanos
Mandolin: Vivi Gheka
Piano and musical direction: Petros Bouras

  • The concert is cancelled
  • Alexandra Gravas in concert
  • Concert of love songs

    an erotic journey with her international repertoire along with distinguished musicians

  • Price of Ticket:
    • Pre sales / Unemployed / Students / People with disabilities: €12
    • At the Entrance: €15
  • Brought to you by Paros Park

Alexandra Grava Paros Park

The internationally acclaimed Greek singer has travelled the world with her songs ranging from the Classical repertoire to her beautiful Greek songs. The classically trained singer has devoted the last six years of her career to promote the beauty and variety of the Greek song repertoire in her very own way. The listener is always left with a feeling of “rediscovering the known”.  Testimonies are her sold out concerts from China, Japan, and Mexico to Chile, North America and Europe (just to mention a few).  Her passion to create cultural bridges and to pass musical boarder lines is an expression of her free spirit that can be felt right from the start of her concert program “Με του Ερωτα τις Ευωδιές”/”With love’s senses”. A variety of songs from Mexico, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, France, Lebanon a. o. will be heard in their original languages and much more. All collected by Alexandra on her musical journeys around the world and brought back to Greece.

Enjoy an evening in the name of LOVE.