Nikos Portokaloglou and the "Noble Bums".

Famous Greek pop singer Nikos Portokaloglou will be at Paros Park / Πάρκο Πάρου on Thursday 3 August 2017~~~~~Πέμπτη 3 Αυγούστου στο Πάρκο Πάρου: Restart - Νίκος Πορτοκάλογλου

Publié par Paros Park / Πάρκο Πάρου sur dimanche 30 juillet 2017
  • Thursday 3 August 2017 at 21:30
  • Nikos Portokaloglou and the "Evgenis Alites" (the Noble Bums)
  • Concert of Greek Pop/Rock Music

    Concert of the famous Greek pop/rock singer Nikos Portokaloglou with his new band “Evgenis Alites” (Noble Bums)

  • Price of Ticket:
    • Online / Pre sales / Unemployed / Students / People with disabilities: €12
    • At the Entrance: €15
  • Brought to you by Paros Park / Cyclades Circle

Piano, trumpet, violin, ukulele, clarinet, accordion, bagpipes are the new colors in the palette. Along with the guitar, bass and drums are changing the sound of the new songs and that of the old ones too. However, the immense power of this group are the voices: six musicians on stage six voices. Each unique and special. All together a small choir impresses!

A.Diagelaki: voice, percussion, ukulele

D.Koloranos: drums, vocals

G.Kourelis: keyboard, accordion, vocals

H.Lampropoulos: voice, violin, trumpet, clarinet

V.Tsourapis: voice, bass, mandolin

Voices is the strength of this group: six musicians – six voices each and every one is special.

“I’m looking forward to grow, to Restart……”

Nikos Portokaloglou Paros Park

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