Wishing to weaken the Ottoman Empire and establish a pro-Russian independent Greek state, Russian emissaries were sent to Mani in the mid-1760s, to make a pact with the local leaders who represented the strongest military force in Greece at the time.

Russian emissaries also contacted the shipping magnate Daskalogiannis in Crete. In 1769, during the Russo-Turkish War, a fleet of 14 warships commanded by count Aleksey Grigoryevich Orlov sailed from the Baltic Sea for the Mediterranean. The fleet reached Mani in February 1770, prompting the Maniots to raise their war flags. Russian soldiers remained to help fight in the ground war, while the fleet sailed on to the Aegean Sea, where a major nautical base was established on Paros, in the well protected peninsula Ai Yiannis Detis.

With the assistance of Greek islanders, the Russian fleet was able to score a major victory against the Turkish Navy in the Battle of Cesme, but this did not help the Greek army in Morea. As the Russians failed to bring the forces they promised, the revolt was soon crushed.

Α permanent exhibition around these events named the “Orlov Events” is to be found in the monk cells of Monastiri, at Paros Park.