To have a wider view on what is the Paros Park museum about, let’s have a quick look to the background of the period before the Russo-Turkish War (1768-1774).

The Ottoman Empire’s navy held dominance in the Black sea, including Crimea which gave the Turks military forces with which to fight the Russians. Russia had shown until then a complete lack of naval ability so Ottomans would assume total dominance on the Black Sea.

The Ottoman army was three times the size of its Russian counterpart and for a long time Ottomans were holding technological superiority over Europe.

But signs of division, rebellion, and internal corruption were growing in the Ottoman Empire. And because of a long period of peace (1747-1768), the Ottoman army and navy were falling behind the military technologies of Europe.

The Russians though had been effectively destabilizing the Crimean Tartars for years causing the Ottomans’ usual ally to be quite ineffective, while the Russians also used British officers to increase the effectiveness of their own navy. The Ottoman Empire would also find that its new Grand Vizier Mehmed Emin Pasha was incompetent militarily.