After the rich flowering we had on the island thanks to the relatively rainy winter, it is now time to harvest seeds of wild plants for future seedings in the Park. Hikers and nature lovers, organized and individual, you can all help to collect seeds from the wild flora of the island so we can have stock to sow starting from autumn. It is an opportunity for everyone to get to know and appreciate the seed, this condensed life in humble attire that is all around us this time.
The revegetation of the Park will be a long process that can only rely on the collective effort of its friends. In January 2017 we did a small seeding, along with planting, and we will repeat this again and again in different periods. The variety of plants to be sown is extremely important, and it is time to deal with the most humble plants that support an ecosystem, grasses, wild legumes, shrubs, but always trees.
In the photos you see some examples of plants that are seeding at this time and other photos will follow so that you have a reference point on your walks and know what you collect.
We will need the help of the island’s photographers and naturalists, Stella, Maja, Miriam, to enrich this collection of photos and the list of plants that interest us.
I hope this post will be the beginning of a good discussion that will make us all wealthier in knowledge and the Park richer in vegetation.
Some simple instructions: gather seeds from areas away from homes and decorative gardens to avoid the risk of harvesting seeds from alien or invasive plants. Do not pick up seeds from plants that look sick. The mature seeds are usually dark in color and hard. Do not hurt or eradicate plants when harvesting seeds, some kind of scissors can help. Keep the seeds in paper bags and mark the area you collected them, and the type of plant if you know it. If you are not sure about the plant, post a photo here and we will try to help with identification.