Tree Planting in the peninsula

As the Paros Park Board, we express our total satisfaction for the great response to the successful initiative of the “Association of the Friends of the Park” for seeds, shrubs and trees planting in the area of the Park, which took place on Sunday 29 January 2017. The participation to this initiative of many supporters of the Park, in a wonderful human spirit, is something extremely hopeful in these strange times were living. It also demonstrated the dynamic of the idea of ​​the Park within the Parian community.

We wish to congratulate the Association’s leadership for the initiative and the successful mobilization of the Parian society and thank from our heart the groups that supported this initiative (“Efzoïa Weness Activities“, “Paros Walkers”, “Paros Photo Group”, “Dance Group of Naoussa”), and all those who with their good mood contributed to this small celebration of nature. Special thanks go to Elena Simeonidou for her coordinating role in this event.

The goal of this initiative is to enrich the Park’s ecosystem with plants that would have been there were it not for the various human interventions during the area’s long and tumultuous history, mainly logging, agriculture, fire and construction of settlements. So we planted seeds and plants from indigenous plants as well as plants well-adapted to our semi-arid climate, among others, oregano, thyme, summer savory, helichrysum, spartium, scotch thistle, wild garlic, mallow, vitex, medic, giant fennel, melia, juniper, carob, oak. The plants were donated by the Forestry Nursery of the Paros Municipality and the seeds came from harvesting on the island during the whole year.